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Do Yogis Need Juice Cleansing?

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Benefits of Juice Cleansing

Juice cleansing has become popular nowadays because of the benefits it offers. It makes juicers lose weight, have healthier skin, grow more hair, have stronger bodies, and more. It even helps juicers prevent future sicknesses and feel more energized. Juicing also allows the digestive system to take a break from digesting all the hard food people consume. The intestines and the colon get cleansed, and the toxins are shooed away.

The green veggies used for juice cleansing also aid in defecation, which is why more and more people visit and start juicing vegetables. The benefits of juice cleansing are almost endless. But do yogis need it?

Yoga and Juice Cleansing

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If you’re a yogi, you might not believe it at first, but juice cleansing is also essential for your body. According to the Naturopathic doctor in California, Sarah Murphy, everyone needs to cleanse. She says research and blood tests show that pesticides, plastics, and other toxins can be found in all of us, which is why there is a need to detoxify the pathways of our lungs, liver, kidneys, intestines, and skin. Cleansing, according to her, will decrease, if not eliminate, people’s chances of getting fatigue, allergies, neurological conditions, cancers, and autoimmune diseases. Juice cleansing may cancel out intrinsic exposure to toxins, but it may not be effective for all.

Proceed with caution

juice cleanseIf you’re into yoga, it’s clear that juicing can be beneficial even for you. However, it’s best to avoid vigorous workout during a cleanse. You need to preserve your energy and let the internal system perform what it’s meant to do. Yoga and juice cleansing work well together in regenerating new and healthier tissues. Green juice cleansing is an excellent way to get rid of bacteria and toxins flowing freely in the body.

If you need more energy for the long day ahead, you can drink green smoothies with raw proteins, chia, and other superfoods as well.